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Everyday devices are increasingly becoming connected to the web. But current solutions for controlling these smart devices are cumbersome. Mobile apps are slow to navigate to and open, and aren't ideal for sharing with family members. Smart speakers often misunderstand commands, plus a microphone listening in on your private moments is a bit creepy. CloudTrigger offers a better solution, allowing you to quickly communicate with your devices with one universal remote control.

What can you control with it?
CloudTrigger Mobile App for iOS and Android
The CloudTrigger Mobile App

Your device is first configured through our companion mobile app, available for both iOS and Android.

After creating routines, they will then show up on your CloudTrigger remote control device, ready to be triggered.


CloudTrigger is currently doing a small beta launch. This will be followed by a crowdfunding launch in 2021.

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The first 100 contributors to our crowdfunding launch will recieve a 50% discount.

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